Friday, 26 May 2017


WISH YOU WERE HERE we say. Last weekend two of the "bookabach" bookings in our bay cancelled because of the Mainland weather reports, not realising that we have a micro-climate out here on the Island. Yes, maybe we had a few mornings down to 3*C on the waterfront, but the days warmed up quickly to a comfortable 17*C - 18*C once the sun was up.

So this week I thought I would share a couple of photographs of what is looking particularly pretty in the gardens and a brief video clip of what sort of days we were having here, in the beginning of winter (though the Mainland at the time was having wind and rain) when I walked down to enjoy Mansion House Bay and the gardens.

The Hibiscus are still flowering
Clivia Gardenii

Clivia Gardenii have been planted en mass under
native Titoki tree in the front garden.
( Note: the Clivia Society of South Africa have
been advised these plants, originally brought in by
Sir George Grey, from South Africa are here and
they come to the Island to especially see them.

This octopus looking tangle are of the
flower skeleton left after the seeds have
fallen off the native Nikau palm 

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