Tuesday, 29 November 2016



The book is due any day now and we can't wait. An earlier post talked about the last 3 books the Kawau Island BOOKWORMS members have written and how well they have sold. It seems everyone is fascinated by Islands.

Now here comes our fourth book. ISLAND PASSAGES. More news coming soon.

In the meanwhile, this time there are stories, poems and photographs on the theme of our getting from there to here. Because we have no network of roads, we have to use other methods for just the everyday matter of getting to our homes, let alone the more difficult and innovative way of building, getting in groceries, and visiting one another as each bay is separated from the others and the land is steep.

Kawau Island is At 36.42 degrees South and 174.84 degrees East, Time Zone 12 hours ahead of GMT in winter and 13 hours ahead in summer and 8 km from the mainland wharf of Sandspit, New Zealand, lies a small piece of land surrounded by sea, known as Kawau Island. Kawau being the Maori name for the local shag which nests here in large numbers.
Kawau Island’s size is 5,000 acres. It’s 8 km long , 5 km wide, and nearly split in half by Bon Accord Harbour, which geologically is known as a drowned valley. Most of the island is owned by a family trust, 500 acres owned by the Department of Conservation, and the remainder is divided up among the Islanders.
This little island is home to approximately 60 full-time residents; a holiday home to hundreds more, and a fantasy island to visiting cruising boats and the boatloads of tourists and holiday makers in summer.

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