Sunday, 13 November 2016


Slam all the doors. Close all the drapes.
Pull out the phone from the wall.
This is the night of the witchy-walk
and the moon is on the prowl

and coyly slides from hill to cloud
voluptuous in her glorious gold
she is here to woo, to tempt your soul
her face alight with love and lust.
Quick close those curtains tighter!

The moon is getting impatient now,
around the house she goes,
her longing fingers
poking and pleating
under the eaves
along the streets
over the sea

she climbs the sky
to beam out her power

Any who look on her beauty now
will be moonstruck, go ga ga
slide down into a delightful la la land
as the love-lorn moon
weaves spells with your soul

until you're lost to love
and roam around the witchy nights.

So switch on the lights. Turn up the sound,
get your whole house pumping,
Tonight is not the night to mope at windows.
Don't touch the whisky. Keep drinking coffee.

Copyright: L E HUNTER

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