Friday, 18 November 2016

Cathedrale St. Joseph de Noumea.

This is for my friend Jean who is having a hard year and now one of our mutual friends is in the process of passing over into the world of mystery.

We went on holiday to Noumea in 1966. My first visit overseas.


The hard cobalt of the sky
and the unrelenting heat
of the mid-day sun
drove her up the wide steps
into the shade of the portal
of the French Cathedral; then
walk further on through

the open doors into the cave
of a cool sanctuary - lit
by a pattern of broken shards
of pure colour scattered
over the pews and knave
from the high surround
of steepled windows:

and up through the floor,
from the walls, from the ceiling,
breathed an Eolian music
from the wandering breeze
that sighs over the singing reeds
of the unattended towering
pipes of the Cathedral organ.

To her, it felt as if the Cathedral,
the time, the colour, the music,
had come into a perfect harmony
then paused,
                   waiting on her arrival.

An hour carefully staged to remind
her soul of their previous love
and lives together – and today’s
gift is to ensure those memories
will stay close to her

through this life as well.

Copyright: Lois E Hunter 

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