Monday, 5 February 2018


Tara is being an excellent Mum.
THE KITTENS ARE GROWING. I thought you may like to see them as they seem to be taking up a  lot of my day at the moment, and probably for a while to come. Meg, the older kitten is now 4    months old and her half brothers and sister (same dad ) are four weeks old tomorrow -  and as you'll see below in the video, they were thinking about climbing out of their bed  - so this week it was time to transfer them over to their holding cage. Brie, the dog, and Meg spend a lot of time rough-housing.  Taking photographs of kittens is like taking photographs of fish swimming - nearly impossible  not having a second person to hold them.

Meg - Chocolate Burmese Mum and Bengal Dad

Brie copes with Meg

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


"I HAVE BEEN WAITING 40 YEARS for a real summer like this!" I heard someone say on the radio. And it has been a stunner, even with the interruption of a big stormy interlude. The gardens have suffered a bit from lack of rain and those winds, but in the main everyone on, and visiting, the Island is grinning, revelling in these summer days.

For the young it's a time of magic and playtime all day long.

"Will  she bring her little peacock chicks closer?"
I can't believe this is all mine!

And little Ella Fitzgerald for you, singing SUMMERTIME 

Saturday, 6 January 2018


The wharf taped off
WELL THERE WENT DECEMBER, very hot and very dry and full of scattered busyness so that each day went quicker as we scurried more frantically. Now the Christmas bling has been put away for another year and the New Year songs have been sung with gusto. And then along came the obligatory New Year holiday storm, though a little later than usual, so maybe that is why it built up an extra head of energy before emphatically reminding us yet again that nature is more powerful than humans are and approach the new year thoughtfully.

And the Island did not miss out being blatted. The wind certainly tried its best to shake us off our perches but it was the King High Tides fuelled by gale force winds that showed us how the strongest wharves can still get damaged. Schoolhouse Bay wharf was o k because it had been rebuilt through last winter but most of Mansion House wharf has had to be closed - tricky getting the crowds of tourists on and off the Island into the park now. But like all storms, elemental, emotional or physical, though real scary at their height are hard to believe they actually happened when they go away and the sun comes out again.
We look at the debris left behind on the beach and stand in awe

The seas are still grumbling a bit out there
who would believe yesterday's weather?
Holiday time and time to play cricket 

But the Weekenders are still recovering, tucked away in the bush, only their vehicles say they are here

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


I AM NOT SURE WHY THERE IS THIS RUSH  to do everything, but everything,  before Christmas.  Maybe because the start of the new year is only a week after that?

Everyone I know has projects on, including me. I decided to re-lay all my garden paths – but first I have to remove not only the stepping stones among the bark mulch, but also all the valuable soil that has been produced by the  disintegrating bark and fallen leaves.(Any soil is a luxury here), and finally I can replace the base weed-matting.

 Note: the new movable white fencing to keep the dog back from the front fence where she has learnt to bark at any movement she sees going by - only when I am not at home I heard - did not quite work ( too smart a dog) and will need a little further tweaking.

But before that the lawn that becomes a carpet of flowers in the Spring had to be returned back into lawn, hopefully before the last of the rains.  How many weeks to Christmas? 

The paths may be not quite finished by then – in fact quite a lot not done by then.