Sunday, 22 October 2017


LAST WEEK WAS GO-WALK-ABOUT-DAY and I decided to catch the bus and go North to the city of Whangarei. I had a map and had made a list of what I wanted to go and see in the 3 hours before I had to return, but made the mistake of deciding to start at the Claphams clock museum on the foreshore of the town yacht basin. I love looking at watches, pens and jewellery so I should have known to avoid it.1,400 time pieces and one and a half hours later, I emerged ( yes, now owning a little bright pink alarm clock) and it was all a bit of a rush after that to fit in the much reduced list of other "must sees." It wasn't the best of days weather-wise and the wind was strong and cold so it wasn't a hardship to walk at a quick trot.

The dimmed lighting in the museum and the tinted glass of the bus did not help the quality of the photographs, and the wall of cuckoo clocks just wouldn't photograph for me)  but should give some idea of the day out.

My favourite had to be the water Clepsydra clock and I shall put a poem over on my poetry page (Facebook Lois E Hunter ) where I wrote about it some while ago..

I sat upstairs on the bus ( it feels a really long way up as you'll notice by looking down on one of the long haul trucks) and at first felt a bit sea-sick but I got used to it after a while. There are also a couple of quick-grab pics of typical scenery, a typical commuter and a rush past snap of a "little" on the deck overlooking a couple of the oversea's yachts in the City Basin.


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