Sunday, 8 October 2017


NOT ONLY DO THE FLOWERS GO tra-la-la in the Spring so do thoughts turn to love and romance - as the song says .." birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it.."  "Let's do it" by Cole Porter.

And my cat is no different and she is wanting a mate. NOW. If anyone has heard a peacock yell then they know just what a Siamese cat sounds like when she is "calling." I let her go through her first call and was waiting until her second to get her mated and I thought I had it sorted. But at the critical time that has fallen through. So where to find another suitable mate? I finally found one but in the meanwhile the timing has passed and the dog and I are trying to develop selective hearing as once again she screams at various decibels nearly continuously for 24 hours and this is her 7th day. I am just about praying she will be over it by tomorrow morning. Her breed being a Siamese Rex hybrid she is more dog-like than a cat in various ways, including responding to voice combined with hand signals, so when her voice gets too loud I have to raise my finger and say nice but firmly, 'quiet." and you can see her trying her best to swallow her voice. I can distract her somewhat with cuddles and playing fetch but not for long.

If it was a baby crying this much I would be frantic because they can't tell you what is wrong and they don't have a time limit to stopping their crying either.

It is all going to be so worthwhile when we have kittens in the house and her busy being a proud mum. If I am working out the dates right, then they will be due about New Years Day.

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