Friday, 14 July 2017


IT IS EASY to get into habits, both good and not so good, living on an Island.

One good habit is walking and I try to make sure I fit in a walk sometime during the day, even if it is winter and knowing there is a gale blowing outside of the shelter of my section.

On Thursday while lower New Zealand was under severe weather conditions, further north it was more like a decent winter gale instead. To take the video clip shown here I had one arm wrapped around a sign to try and steady both myself and the phone while I was pointing toward Auckland. I was hoping to record the huge roaring of the wind in the trees around me that was so loud it was making it hard to think - but the wind blowing over the microphone has drowned it out

Still talking of walking - the, not so good habit, is always wearing bare feet, sneakers or gumboots and when there is an invitation due from the Mainland and you wish to dress up for it, you realise your feet are not used to shoes. So now to each day is being added more and more time learning to walk in shoes again. It's taking a bit longer than I thought.

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