Saturday, 20 May 2017


CONSIDERING WE ARE ABOUT FIVE MILES OF SOLID TREES, despite what some people fear, surprisingly few fall down or cause problems when they do. But yesterday was an exception and a large tree fell across the access road to our wharf. By the time I heard about it and then went down in the late afternoon to get a photograph, already two of our neighbours were well underway to making a walking access at the very least and had already cut away most of the outer limbs.

I wish I could convey better, the fading light, the bitter wind, the smoke and sounds of chainsaw and falling limbs, the smell of freshly cut pine and chainsaw fuel, the grunts of exertion - just add them into the photographs.


  1. It seems the road is now passable, we just have a tree bridge to go under.

  2. Crikey, that ladder shows the scale. That's a big tree.

  3. I love your evocation of the approach of winter and clearing the tree. I am there!