Sunday, 14 May 2017


LET THERE BE LIGHT. When I first moved into my cottage there was no garden left other than 2 diseased apple trees which I had to remove, an apricot tree, a grapefruit tree and 2 bamboos - so I started planting, and with much hand-wringing over having only the poorest of clay that went like yellow custard in the winter and yellow brick in the summer a garden was tempted into growing.

It seems like I am going to have the spend the rest of my gardening time from now on, cutting it back to let in the light and air movement so the garden will continue to thrive.  Don't worry, I haven't killed the bottlebrush - By summer it will be back at hedge height where I want it to be - I have found from past experience if I don't keep it trimmed, it will be over my head again in a couple of years Only another 4 trees to go.

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