Saturday, 8 April 2017


TIME TO CATCH-UP WITH CHORES. All a bit mundane really.

Because so many weeks were taken up with getting my poetry book MEANDERINGS published, and having amazing periods of endless rain, I have been running behind with keeping the gardens up to date - so before the rains come back ( due this coming week ) over the past few days it has been all systems go!!

This deck had been worrying me about how to clean it up. I kept looking at all the specialised products on the market, but I am sensitive to a lot of chemicals and damned if I could either make up my mind or buy a product. Then one wet day, with the deck by front door so slippery, I thought I'll just give it a bit of a scrub with water. Why didn't I think of that before???. I shall go and finish this off after I have finished this post while having a late lunch..

All the lawns behind have been mown and now the hedges are cut as well.

Chinese lantern is one name for this  shrub - the flowers are actually a very deep red.  I have just taken cuttings of this one and the yellow one below from my neighbour's garden and hopefully they will take. 

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