Sunday, 30 April 2017


TODAY WE ENTERED INTO THE MONTH OF MAY and as far as the tourist season is concerned we have another two weekends to go and it will finish on the 14th which is Mother's Day.

Already the  skies and seas have turned into its winter shade of blue and the Island is noticeably slowing down. The Kawau Cruises ferry is bringing out less day-trippers with only a few now walking the Island tracks and many of the rental cottages are already closing up until Spring.

A late group of hardy yachties came in at 4 for hot chocolate
The cafe has changed from being open daily to only being open these last two forthcoming weekends.
Kawau Cruise Ferry has less tourists now.

For me this is the week when I change over my curtains and cushions from summer to winter colours, and the heat-pump is already being turned on in the evenings. Nearly time for winter singlets, but not quite yet - when that happens I know winter is really here.

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