Friday, 14 April 2017


THE LAST ROSE OF SUMMER. As I am seeing the first flowers appear on your Northern Hemisphere posts, so ours are now leaving us until next Spring. - but they're not quite all gone, yet. The pre-winter tidy up continues and there was a big internal sigh as I took down the shade sail and packed it away. Time for the long tail critters to try to make a dash inside and set themselves up a home for the winter. Tara, the cat caught her first one and thought that I was going to take it off her, like I did the lizards and cicadas. She couldn't quite believe all the praise she got and being allowed to keep it - outside.

My very best pre-winter news though, and I'll start at the beginning. I live on one of the only two short access roads on the Island, at a top of a very steep hill. Which means I rely on an "Island Car." - which is something that'll no longer pass a warrant of fitness, ever again.  It has meant that they don't always go when needed and I have done a lot of winter walking up the hill from the wharf. Number 3 car got so bad last winter I barged it off the Island to the Mainland, then it was towed to the village garage to repair it before reversing the process back to the Island. Expensive (ouch) but cheaper than getting a replacement car. All went well late winter, spring, summer, autumn, and I was looking forward to easy winter travelling until the steering locked - solid. I tried. My friend Jenny tried. A week went by and I was not a happy chappie. Then, dum de dum de dum, dum dum dum - up rode Russell early this morning and - fixed it!


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