Sunday, 26 March 2017


WHICH PATH TO TAKE - going the longer way to get there, or the short way?  

The Kawau Kat is the cruise boat that visits all the bays as it goes and the one the tourists select and the little water taxis are for those who wish to get to and from the Island directly.

It always depends on the circumstances and the nature of the person involved. Personally, I usually prefer taking the longer, more thoughtful way, and for those who notice such things, it is obvious from the time they open my gate and walk towards any home that I have had, that this is my nature. The path to the door is never direct, and at my Island home, I have a wide curved path where the stepping stones are also carefully placed so that one has to either take smaller steps, which automatically slows their pace, or take them at a run to land on every second step. Coming off this path, part way down is a smaller direct path to access the side lawn, the studio and also to my door. Most of the time people choose the difficult but shorter path, even though it is not much shorter, and they have to climb around plants, garden tubs, hanging rose tendrils etc. to do it. I have even put tubs across that path to stop people taking it, but after hesitating, they jump over them and arrive at my door irritable. 

Before starting an action, pause, breathe, move forward. After finishing an action, pause, breathe, move forward.

So what brought me around to thinking on this subject? A while back I shared with you photographs one of the special places that are only known by a few of us - the surprise of a large hidden pond nearby which is only accessed by a slow winding walk through a magical canopy of trees and ferns. But someone has decided it should be able to be instantly accessed and seen by all, and with their chainsaw has cut a direct path from the public road straight to the pond as seen now on the left. No, not the work of D.O.C this time. Hopefully the pond will be just as cared for as it was before. Personally, I am quite devastated seeing it stripped like this of its mystery.

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