Friday, 10 March 2017


LET'S TALK ABOUT BAMBOO - not the suckering kind which unfortunately some people associate with the word bamboo, but the other ones which are grown for building materials, soil erosion control, their  aural qualities from a gentle whispering/rustling to sounding like the roar of surf, or just for their sheer beauty in the garden.

Wherever I live I plant bamboo, of various varieties for all of those reasons. I could even be called a bamboo nut. But a very big reason is that I call the larger ones like the Bambussa Oldhamii,  the woman's building material. It's easy to cut, easy to use and when used as pegs or stakes will last in the ground for about 5 years - a very quick way to make a windbreak of driven in stakes to protect plants which is so necessary on the Island.

Pictures of Bamboo in my garden.

Pictures of bamboo being used as a building material - a whole ecco/ educational village in Bali is  built of only bamboo and well worth googling.

And finally - here is a link to a use of bamboo that I didn't know about, and will give you a smile (?) for a wet Saturday afternoon.  

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