Thursday, 16 March 2017

MEANDERINGS - a special note for NZ'ers

I HADN'T THOUGHT .... I would get so many pre-order enquiries for my latest poetry book, so I thought you may like to be included.

The publishers, Xlibris,  have offered me a discount on books that I sell personally which I can pass on to my New Zealand friends. I am in the process of adjusting my previous order to the printers and have to confirm the numbers by early Monday morning the 20th March.

The price to buy a paperback via the publishers is $NZ34.99 and then postage a further $A5.00.

I can pass on a discount and the price would then be a signed paperback copy at $NZ30 plus bubble bag pre-pay postage bag $NZ5.00, making a total of $NZ35.00  - a saving of $5.00.

If you would like to be included, just send me your name and email address via messenger and I'll get back to you with  eta delivery details.


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