Sunday, 1 January 2017



Off on a walk
 After my previous post I thought I would show some of the places I have found when I leave main walking paths and as there are hidden magical places on the Island that few know of and glorious  ancient trees that have not caught D of C's attention

Pinaster Pine approx 150 years old and would have been planted in Sir George Grey's time.

Pohutakawa is so old it doesn't flower anymore - I have named it the Kuan Yin tree after one of my Buddhist friends, so impressed by the this tree, climbed up high into its branches and placed a medallion of her there, that had previosly been blessed by the Lama Sampton, so as to keep the tree safe.

How many decades has this moss taken to grow considering it grows so exceedingly slowly

wallaby track

Hidden pond

Another track through the bush

I know where the self-seeded Passionfruit vines grow

And here is a quiet pool in a stream, pity the photograph doesn't show how it was sparkling in the filtered sunlight today.

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