Friday, 18 November 2016



We are supposedly into summer here now and it's only five weeks to New Zealand's close down for three weeks from Christmas day for our annual summer holidays. The weather forecast for today predicted passing showers - did I miss the mention it was going to be windy as well?  A steady 35 knots and gusting higher - ( that's 40.3 miles per hour) and remembering that America's Cup races are cancelled when blowing 20 knots. Some yachts were already taking a long weekend break and arrived at the Island yesterday, but some hearing the updated marine forecast and were scooting back home at dawn. Others tucked into sheltered Bays for the night. I talked to a couple of yachties who had decided to come ashore and stretch their legs and they reckoned it was more scary on land listening to the trees being battered. than being out at sea.

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