Monday, 19 May 2014

The Age of Technology is Giving me a hard time

Hi Everyone,

I keep getting updates in my email box that the world of Facebook is alive and well but Facebook is still is not loading properly so that I can access it to see how my friends are enjoying their northern spring. I am sure you are loving it after the winter you had.

Now this may be a good thing because I am sure I would have overloaded you with photographs of the youngest grandson Lachlan who has just discovered to give his cute-kid look as soon as he sees the camera pointing his way.

All is going along peacefully here, despite the computer being difficult, and I hope that all is well with you until I get to see you back on Facebook and do a catch-up.

Friday, 10 January 2014

And How Did Your Garden Grow + poem

It is now well into summer and the new garden has done well in some places and not so brilliant in others. The Sweet Peas did not billow all over the top of the fence as I envisaged, the winds blew them around a bit and with the unexpected and welcomed rains they even picked up some mould. The lobelia have been brilliant as a fill in and I have cut some back to re-vitalise them to continue  flowering on throughout the rest of the summer.

Somewhere I realised that I could actually train the tomatoes to continue growing up and over the ceiling area and since this photo they have actually gone a bit crazy and out of control - lots of tomatoes though from only 4 plants. The cucumber and capsicum are holding their own.
And below here is a picture for my sister Diana - I have been collecting different colours of crucifix orchids and I already had a mauve, an orange and a red. Diana gave me a small cutting of a gold one and this is what it grew into. Now if the lemon one she also gave me will do the same......
And it is not February for a while yet but from previous experience....

Mid Summer

February arrives hot and strong
with a careless indifference
of anything newly undertaken
in Spring
your rose-tinted glasses burnt off
in the full day glare
and you’re made aware
of every project’s final result
- did you build the new deck
long enough, wide enough?
- did you really need
a new fence instead?
- did your garden thrive
just as you planned?
- did your Prince transmogrify
into a grump in socks and sandals?
- did you max-out your credit card
so you can’t buy any relief from fiery
February for another two weeks?