Saturday, 31 August 2013

Out Walking

Haiku and Photograph

It has been a stranger winter in the way the temperatures have swung more widely than we expect and therefore the blood does not seem to have been able to adjust and thicken up for me to feel comfortable for the colder temperatures. Lovely sunny days with no wind one day, a gale with waterfall rain the next and a 15*C drop. Therefore I have spent too much time inside knitting for the new grandson and sitting around in a warm house. Oops, the back starts to stiffen up and the scales say a couple of kilos could be being added. First day of Spring and time to make sure I get back to walking every day, not just on  the pleasant days. 

Below is a Haiku, traditional in the 5,9,5 consonant-count, but by not defining which exact season makes it fail - but I was so bemused by what I found out walking I thought it needed a wry comment to go with the photo I took.


Sunlit paths beckon
but a gate repels the curious.
How strong the padlock?


  1. Hi Lois!! Good to see you again. Seems like your weather is just as unpredictable as up here in the North. Last year was one of the wettest on record, then winter lasted so long that many of us wondered if it would ever end, followed by a very brief Spring and now we've just had the warmest Summer for ten years!!

    Had to smile at the question in your haiku. It looks to me like the padlock is open, so it's strength is rendered moot :-))

    1. Hi Mitchy,

      Hope all is going exceedingly well in your world. Maybe it is the new computer, maybe blogger tweaked things so easier for me to get into this site.

      Our previous winter and the following summer seemed to be very similar to yours. As a rule of thumb guide I noticed that our seasons seemed to follow America and the UK followed ours. If so your summer will seem to go into a really long late summer and then an erratic winter. Because America had such a hot summer I am already preparing for the same here and drought conditions. No big worry if I am wrong though - *grin*

      And yes, you noticed that the padlock had not been clicked to. But I really had to hang over the gate to notice - there is a new caretaker to this extensive property that covers two thirds of the whole Island. I thought it was great symbolism to what we think we may be locked out of.

  2. What a fabulous photo Lois and your 'out walking and haiku are fantastic.' I did enjoy.