Wednesday, 22 May 2013

After 6 months a new computer has come home

First, introduction to puppy Brie ( Shitz Zu x Yorkshire Terrier) that replaced the passing over of my dog Pippa. She is a bit older than this pic but really only bigger. Uploading new pics to camera is to be left to another day's effort.

Secondly, even with the new flash computer, dial-up is still painfully slow. Was upgraded also to Windows 8 which seems to have had a bad press, but my requests of the computer are probably too simple to be a difficulty - funny how my typing ability was not immediately upgraded though - lol -

Winter is making up its mind to finally settle in - there can be a 10*C variation between one week and another which takes the blood a bit to get used to. Fortunately I am very sheltered here so missing out on the blasts of gale winds - I just make sure I check the marine forecast before I make arrangements to head off to the mainland for the day.

Will get around to visit those people who have not been also posting on facebook ( which the smarty-pants phone could access and answer). In the meanwhile take care out there...


  1. Hi Lois!! Good to see you again!!

    Brie certainly is a cute little thing :-))

    Nice to hear you have yourself a shiny new computer. Shame you still have to put up with snail-speed dial-up though :-((

    1. Hi Mitchy, I hope your world has been treating you well in the meanwhile. Nice to know I can still keep in contact with you :)) So many people I have lost contact with after multiply closed - my being without a computer for months did not help either.

  2. Kia ora. Nice to have you back. Congratulations on the new computer and the gorgeous wee dog. I wonder if your island is ever going to get Broadband?

    1. Hi Iri Ani,

      So nice to be back. I have been missing hearing how you are going. I kept on doing a bit of a worrit about you as ChCh is not the easiest place to be living still. Thank God for John Campbell taking on the task of trying to get some truth out of what is really happening down there.

      This new pup is so different to my late Pippa that it keeps on being a shock when she does not respond the way I expect her to - lol. Still doing the 3.30 am taking her out for a pee to keep her bed dry....

      Probably a good idea I haven't got Broadband, I could be tempted to play on the computer for much longer than I do - especially when I see what others can access on YouTube.

      Take care.