Tuesday, 28 August 2012



Something Unseen

Something unseen
is calling,
softer than breath,
more faint than touch;
it’s always there pulsing
through veins - the
elusive smell
(and unique to you)
of homeland.

Maybe: it’s the smell of
the first day of Spring.
One morning it’s
suddenly here: with 
a perfume pure and cool
full of dew on farmland,
the pale scent of the sun
and a light taste of salt
added from the nearby sea.

Maybe: it’s the smell of
a mid-summer day
when stones and yellow clay
add their flinty char
into the hard burnt air
and the oil of Eucalypts
and the sweet sweat
of a horse compete.

Maybe: the smell
has been obscured
by all the years, new faces,
new places and your
self-made role in the world:

yet the blood knows - it pulls
you toward home just as strongly
as the new-born baby is drawn
toward the breast by the smell
of its own mother’s milk.


  1. Good Morning have a great weekend;)

  2. Thanks Baz, must have heard you come by as today I decided to have another go at mastering blogger - lol

    1. LOL well I have a whole page of help tips on my blog if you would like to check its in a separate page in my page list;)

    2. Thanks Baz for those. I have copy and pasted them into an email so I could print them out and follow them. Just having a time issue at moment waiting for pages to load.

  3. Another beautiful poem Lois. sorry it has taken me so long to find you but, i have my site set up properly now and have added gadget/widget Blogs I follow, now everyone I am connected to who posts a new blog it shows up on my page.

    Hope you are well my dear.