Monday, 13 August 2012

Am I Actually Here? Testing.

I experimented and started on this site quite a while back - then they wouldn't let me back in.

Today though? I think I am allowed in again, and I have forgotten what to do...mnnn.
Looking for where I can click to include a picture...nope, nothing working when I try
the copy and paste


  1. you need to post your page address address on multiply so people can find you and add themselves;)Check out my blog tips so you can get rid of word verification on your page here we have to type a number and a word to prove we are not robots LOL;)

  2. Hi Lois, I found you, and joined your page.

  3. Hi Lois - I found you and joined your page. please join my page also :

  4. Sounds like you're having the kind of issues on Blogspot that I was having on Blogster. Good to see you anyway! Wherever you end up posting, let us know, so we can keep up with your goings on :)