Sunday, 3 April 2011

Passenger on the Water Taxi

Why would a woman live alone on an island?
Hide herself away from love and friends?
She’d have to be a recluse, self-reliant, maybe
weird? – Or have a very strong belief
in being some sort of emerging artist

choose one or all, it can’t be easy.

She asks the same of herself – if she knew
she would answer – though she can’t
imagine anything other than island life.

But I can tell you. It’s the boat in flight
away and back that holds her there:

her relaxed slump, her trance-blank stare
don’t reveal the involuntary rush of joy
flooding her limbs as her eyes drink
up the sea, in all its green blue-green moods

as if once again she’s following the call
of a memory like a migratory bird.

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  1. That's a fantastic poem, Lois. Well done !
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